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location in Vancouver, Salmon Creek, Ridgefield

Questions & Answers

Q. What are your hours of operation and how do I get in touch with you? We are currently open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. We have lots of way to connect - look to your left for email, phone, social media, our online form and Google chat.

Q. Do I have to come in for a quote? We are able to provide most quotes over the phone or other forms of communication, but it is always best to be prepared with your VIN so we can ensure we are providing you with the most accurate information possible.

Q. Do you repair rock chips/dings? Yes we do! No appointment is necessary, just stop by the shop anytime between 8 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday and it takes about 30 minutes!

Q. What other services do not require an appointment? We do not require appointments to reattach mirrors, apply Aquapel, or replace wipers. Just stop by whenever you get the chance and we will get you taken care of right away!

Q. Do you do more than just windshields? Yes! We replace all automotive glass except for select sunroofs. This includes door glass, back glass, quarter, and vents. We also can diagnose door or leak concerns, create custom glass, and work on heavy duty vehicles and boats!

Q. Do you work with my insurance? What does that process look like? We are a preferred vendor for all major insurance companies! We are able to assist with setting up your insurance claim and guide you through the entire process.

Q. I also work 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday - Is there a way to work around this? Yes. We have before and after hours pick up options to accommodate anyone who is unable to make it during our office hours. We can always take a payment over the phone and set you up with an after hours pick up if you get stuck in traffic on your way to pick up your vehicle!

Q. What sort of warranty do you provide? We provide a lifetime warranty against leaks as long as you own the vehicle and our glass is in it (for stationary pieces) and a limited 1 year warranty on any moving parts.

Q. Are your technicians certified? Yes. All of our technicians have Sika certifications as well as ADAS certifications. All our techs are educated and prepared to provide a quality installation with calibration back to factory standards. We are also Tesla certified!

Q. Do you do mobile work? We do mobile replacements as long as your vehicle does not have any advanced safety features, or is on the specialty vehicle list and has restrictions. Otherwise, we are able to provide mobile services for most replacements (no mobile rock chip repairs) with no mobile fee if within 30 minutes of the shop!

Q. What is OEM glass? Are you able to supply it? OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. That means that OEM glass is glass that comes from the dealership. There is also OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) glass that is manufacturer approved glass sold through our aftermarket vendors. Then there is aftermarket glass, which is made to all the nationwide safety standards as all the previously mentioned glass, but is created by other manufacturers. We are able to get any OEM glass upon request and even recommend it with most calibration vehicles!

Q. How long does my windshield replacement take? It varies for each vehicle, but on averagely they are about a 2.5 - 3.5 hour process. If you have advanced safety features that need to be calibrated, we do not provide a full timeline as it depends on your vehicle’s history. We recommend a day that works best for you to drop it off with us in the morning and retrieve it later that same day.

Q. What if I have to wait for the work to be completed? We have a quaint indoor lobby space and we provide WiFi, coffee, tea, and water. We also have some outdoor seating and will be opening a covered patio area spring of 2024!

Q. I have an A-Class RV that needs glass work done, is that something you handle? Yes! We are able to replace any RV windshield as well as do rock chip repairs on them. We can work on any larger vehicle including semis, construction equipment, and other heavy duty commercial vehicles!

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