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About Hampton Auto Glass

The same family has owned and operated Hampton Auto Glass for 29 years. We believe that honest, ethical service creates repeat customers and this approach has served us well for over 20 years. 


Come on in, chances are you'll talk directly to the owners as we're on-site most of the time and would be happy to provide consultative advice, free estimates and friendly service. We've been doing auto glass for a long time, if it has to do with auto glass chances are we can probably fix it.  You're welcome to drop in without an appointment and we'll always do our best to get you in same-day.  We're located just north of 78th street on highway 99 in Hazel Dell.

Hampton Auto Glass is happy to work with your insurance company.  We are approved by most major auto insurance companies and submitting claims on behalf of our customers is something we do everyday. Depending on the type of coverage you have and the deductible amount on your policy we'll be able to estimate any out-of-pocket costs that may be required for repairing or replacing your auto glass.  If you have questions about this process just give us a call at (360) 574-6879, or click on the Contact Us link to send us an email.  We'll be happy to provide you information about how we work with insurance companies to repair or replace your auto glass.


ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is a collective term for the various technological enhancements present in many modern vehicles. These technologies aim to enhance and improve both driver and vehicle safety. Often Advanced Driver Assistance Systems can be found as part of modern windshield. Because of these developments, special procedures must be followed when you are getting a new windshield installed on many modern vehicles.


Features of ADAS Windshields:

Automobiles are constantly evolving. As a result, more and more frequently advanced driver safety features are being integrated into the windshields. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are relevant to vehicle glass repair and replacement because of the cameras and sensors that can be present on the windshield itself.

When an ADAS integrated windshield is replaced, there is a danger of misalignment due to their sensitivity. This can have a significant effect on how well the system works. The technician fitting your windshield must ensure correct calibration is carried out so that the camera has precisely the right view of the road ahead. As ADAS technology continues to improve and get more complex – it therefore becomes vital that you have a trusted expert like Hampton Auto Glass to handle any and all windshield repairs.  


Why is Windshield Camera Calibration necessary?                                                                                                      ADAS windshields typically function through a combination of sensors and cameras.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend that, following a windshield replacement, the system is calibrated to ensure that all safety features are working. If your windshield is incorrectly fitted, even by as little as a 1/8 of an inch, the camera angle might be compromised! Each car is different, so manufacturers also stipulate unique calibration settings for their Driver Assistance Systems.

Replacing the windshield is not the only time you will need a calibration. It is recommended that you get your Driver Assistance Systems checked if:

  • Your ADAS camera is disconnected.

  • Your camera is partially removed or develops a fault.

  • You have recently had a wheel alignment or change of suspension because this can affect your ADAS service.


Does my car need ADAS Windshield Calibration?

Many modern vehicles are complex with technology as part of their windshield. Below is a list of options that indicate ADAS. Give us a call or stop in and we would be happy to confirm your car is equipped with ADAS.

  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC)

  • Adaptive high beam

  • Glare-free high beam

  • Adaptive light control: swiveling curve lights

  • Automatic parking

  • Automotive navigation system providing up-to-date traffic information.

  • Automotive night vision

  • Blind spot monitor

  • Collision avoidance system

  • Crosswind stabilization

  • Driver drowsiness detection

  • Driver Monitoring System

  • Electric vehicle warning sounds used in hybrids and plug-in electric vehicles

  • Emergency driver assistant

  • Forward Collision Warning

  • Intersection assistant

  • Hill descent control

  • Intelligent speed adaptation or intelligent speed advice (ISA)

  • Lane departure warning system

  • Lane change assistance

  • Pedestrian protection system

  • Traffic sign recognition

  • Turning assistant

  • Vehicular communication systems

  • Wrong-way driving warning


What is the difference between Dynamic and Static ADAS Calibration?

There are two distinct branches of ADAS Calibration. Depending on the nature of your windshield technologies – you will require either:


Driving calibration

This applies to dynamic ADAS. Calibration is carried out with the use of a hand-held device plugged directly into the car. In most cases, the vehicle will then need to be driven at a prescribed speed over a certain distance in optimum weather conditions so the system can become accustomed to certain road features. Often the vehicle manufacturer will stipulate specific parameters for calibration of their dynamic ADAS.


Fixed calibration

This applies to static ADAS. Calibration is carried out in a specially tailored workshop environment. This form of calibration requires a specialist Camera and Sensor Calibration Tool. Each car manufacturer requires different calibration settings due to the particulars for their Static ADAS.

Thankfully, at Hampton Auto Glass we are equipped to cater for both Dynamic and Static Advanced Driver Assistance System Calibration on any make or model of car.

ADAS Windshield Calibration


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